2013-08-26 12:20:13 by killer88854

I am sorry I did not made any comic pages for the past 2 months...or was it 3? Anyways I cannot do so because of my stupid little brother tried to "clean the fan" but end up removing all the parts of the machine, therefore I can't make it work again. I could bring it to a repair shop but that costs well as buying a new one. So that explains my huge delay of Sky Hearts.


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2013-08-27 04:09:21

Did he do this while the computer was plugged in? Were wires torn out?
Hope you can get it to work again!

killer88854 responds:

Nope not plugged in, but you were right about the wires.


2013-08-31 01:12:18

Wires can be replaced! If they went to the power supply :\ you'd have to either buy a new one, or pop open the case, strip and twist/solder the wires back into place. I'd like to think anyone my age could fix it..... Ah, hopefully, the motherboard connecters are still okay, but it's still doable! Just make sure no bare wire touches anything metal or another wire - ever.

killer88854 responds:

Mostly the motherboard is a problem in my situation currently.


2013-09-03 18:14:09

Hate to ask what happened to the motherboard... guess some plugs did get ripped out. The really small ones aren't all necessary, but some of them are. You might be able to find the MB instruction manual online in PDF form...

Or you could sell your little brother for scientific research, or make him rob Best Buy lol

killer88854 responds:

Hmm...Scientific Research is better. I get money for selling the bastard.