Really yo?

2014-09-10 01:31:28 by killer88854

So many ask for NSFW. Y'all people wantsome NSFW huh? Alright then.


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2014-09-10 03:11:45

NUUUUUU! NSFW is fucking lame :|

killer88854 responds:

I rarely even do it. I only do it as a special occasion or payment, and yet a demand to see free NSFW work


2014-09-10 04:56:09

Always need a little pain to get the pleasure. To me art is anything that doesn't photograph well, or is even possible/probable....

killer88854 responds:

It's just that in a few art community that I am in, a lot demands for NSFW and I'm like, what?


2014-09-10 14:34:10

Well, there is something to be said for going outside your normal artistic 'comfort zone'...

killer88854 responds:

True true. Now drastic measures should be made in my field. What should I do...? *stares at the sun waiting to get superpowers*


2014-09-10 23:55:23

The problem with superpowers is that no one that has them straightens out the core problems, only the flamboyant supervillians... and not their backers.


2014-09-11 17:53:14

Do not sub come to the 12 year olds whom only want hentai, imo if you truly want to be looked at as an artist you should stick to your gun drawing non-porn art.

killer88854 responds:

I couldn't agree more :D