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2012-09-01 22:38:31 by killer88854

*Sigh* About time. Now I don't have to worry about any deadlines for the time being. It's time to catch up with the requests I've been getting and I will do the ones I decide to do. Interesting request was to do a Naruto or Bleach characters for my drawings...challenge accepted. Although need to finish the requests that came before that.

Collab Comic

2012-08-05 14:03:27 by killer88854​groups/3647469435 49628/ Ok I am replacing members due to the fact that this group died. Plus I am currently trying to remake the storyline but I can't do that with any new members and characters. So please if you are willing to join on doing a comic with people cooperating you, tell me and I will add you in.

Naked Picture.

2012-07-16 02:32:12 by killer88854

There were too many errors and I get messages that they can't see it from my Latest Art or Art Portal. So if I can, I am adding this in my News post so people can see this better once they click my username.

Naked Picture.

Hey..I should draw Justine Casas naked this time, huh? Would any of you guys want to see that?

Vocaloid Recording Studio. Just another day.

I can't post this in Art Portal but at least I can in here.

New Page! Sky Hearts Page 10

2012-07-09 16:11:22 by killer88854

Page 10 has been submitted of the 1st Chapter of Sky Hearts.

New Page! Sky Hearts Page 10

Sky Hearts

2012-07-08 23:23:06 by killer88854

I'm deciding to post my Manga as well. Parts of it may look like hand made, and some of them have colors that I can't make up my mind. But anyways, once I post it while I work on it as well, I hope you'll all enjoy it as well.

Sky Hearts


2012-07-07 06:26:28 by killer88854

Hi. I know I may not be known real quickly yet but I 've been a member for 2 or 3 years and I never pay attention to this account. But when I heard my friends telling me that besides posting my artwork in DeviantArt and Facebook, they suggested this as well. So I will be posting my artwork and my work in progress Manga here from now on too.