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2017-03-12 06:11:19 by killer88854

Never thought I come back here.

Really yo?

2014-09-10 01:31:28 by killer88854

So many ask for NSFW. Y'all people wantsome NSFW huh? Alright then.


2013-08-26 12:20:13 by killer88854

I am sorry I did not made any comic pages for the past 2 months...or was it 3? Anyways I cannot do so because of my stupid little brother tried to "clean the fan" but end up removing all the parts of the machine, therefore I can't make it work again. I could bring it to a repair shop but that costs well as buying a new one. So that explains my huge delay of Sky Hearts.

Portable SAI vs Pixiv

2013-06-03 13:51:31 by killer88854

So I noticed that Pixiv has a better chance of me upgrading my drawing skills to the next level. That is if I CAN READ JAPANESE AND UNDERSTAND IT!! Even though some of the parts in that website is translated to English, I still have a hard time. So I guess I am sticking with Portable SAI for now until I obtain a type of software that is better for me.

Change up

2013-05-28 14:15:11 by killer88854

There's a change up in the'll see.


2013-05-03 14:25:33 by killer88854

Hey if you have an original character, why not join with me and my friends to a role-play? I will discuss some info if there's any chance you reply to this thread.

The comic pages

2013-05-03 14:07:53 by killer88854

The past comic pages I posted a long time ago, which I found in my gallery, will be remade again. I feel this does not actually make sense until I make that what I wanted to be.

Follow me in Twitter!

2013-03-05 08:48:04 by killer88854

Hey guys what's up? Doing good today, how bout you? Anyways if you guys want to keep up with my latest updates of upcoming art, any news about my manga series SKY HEARTS: AGE OF CHAOS, requests or commissions, or just a casual fun conversation between you and me and all others, just follow me on twitter @casas_romel for all the stuff I just typed just now. And as a good friend to all of you, I will follow you too ^_^. Be glad to having you guys around and have a wonderful day. Bye bye~

Yeah...fucking cox cable ripped me off so I have to pay them $900 for things we didn't do. We tried suing but we just end up making it worst. So now I'm going to my friends house some time and get the chance to post things in the internet. Again I wish I could post up more stuff

Justine's Meme

2012-09-17 00:53:51 by killer88854

Here is a copy of my drawn 4-panel meme if you guys want to make one of you're own like I did to my submission. Just let you know that the credit of this picture comes from me so don't plagiarize.

Justine's Meme